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sobota, 16 września 2017



FROM: Mr. Peter Wong Tung Shun
(Managing Director)
Hang Seng Bank Limited
83 Des Voeux Road, Central
Hong Kong SAR.
Email. wongpeter508@yahoo.com.hk


It is understandable that you may have a bit uneasy, because I do not know you, but I have a lucrative business proposal for a mutual interest
to share with you. I got the link on the search for someone who meets I propose a business relationship.

I am Mr. Peter Wong Tung Shun, executive director of Hang Seng Bank Ltd. have obscured in a business proposal for you. I want you to help me
implement a business project in Hong Kong in your country. This includes the transfer a large sum of money. Everything about this transaction
should be made legally without a hitch. Please endeavor to comply with the maximum discretion in all matters concerning this issue.

Once the funds have already been successfully transferred into your account, we shall share the money must be approved by both.

I'd rather not worth it in my private e-mail address below (wongpeter508@yahoo.com.hk) and finally, after it was handed over to you
More information about this operation.

Please, i do not care if you delete the e-mail, and do not hunt me because I am putting my career and life, my family is at stake with this
business. Although nothing ventured nothing gained.Do send me the the following information when you respond back to me.

Your full name:
Phone and Fax:

The earliest response to this letter will be evaluated.

Kind Regards,

Mr.Peter Wong

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