Zielona Góra,

środa, 28 czerwca 2017

Situation after heavy rain in Zielona Góra (Grünberg, Poland)

Zielona Góra
On Wednesday, June 28, 2017, one man at the street in front of the central railway station in Zielona Góra- Grünberg, Lower Silesia, Poland, took this picture. It was right after the heavy rain come.

Despite the heavy rain, one group of people continued their walk along the stream called Gesnik -Maugscht. People continued their way along the stream, despite many signs of the thundestorm approaching on the sky.

They all voted and dared to continue their walk despite completely dark sky and jet small rain. They arrived to the small village located at the very centre of a valley in the middle of the city centre. It was a very pitoresque place, especially from a plateau.

Recently the plan came to reconstruct the valley. Town council made a fortune by selling out building plots in this marvelous valley.

Newcomers had to build fences to keep out wild animals that continue to live in this marvelous valley in the city centre.

Today, a group of 20-30 people visited living habitats of wild game. Town council intends to cut out their habitats to turn the area into something completely artificial.

Inhabitants like some parts of the area like the wildlife sanctuary in the city centre. Wild boars and wild game continue to live in this valley. It was not researched how the idea of the construction of a city park would influence their future fate.

Suddenly, the thunderstorm came. All participants of excursion started to run in different directions. But there was nowwhere to hide. There were no large trees. They walked out of the valley towards the city centre completely wet. There was no point to run anymore. Already in the first second they were completely wet. They walked in heavy rain for another half an hour.

Adam Fularz

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